A Suite of Services, Tailored to Make it Simple

Making it simple means having all of the services you'll need in one place. As a client of Simple Marketing Co. these services are availble and incoporated to your custom campaign stratedy. No hidden additonal fees, no suprise charges.

Social Media

The easiest way to reach millions of people for a minnimal cost. Posting everday to boost your presence.

Graphic Design

Proffesionaly made, stunning, captivating images.

Web Design

Intutive websites that reflect you, and your brand. We proudly use any service you have or wish to use to ensure you get the best price.

Video Content

A picture says a thousand words, so how many does a video say? Better enage and captivate your audience.


Effective paid advertisements on social media. Adapting to fit your budget and needs.

Growth Strategies

Clearly written startedgies and reports to keep you informed.