marketing made simple

Marketing Should be Simple

Marketing should be simple. When you break it down you're really just talking to people about your passion. That is why we have pioneered new ways to make it simple. Easily grow your social media following and over all exposure with Simple Marketing Co. Our methods are proven to work, contact us now to get signed up and see your business grow!


Marketing with us extends beyond simple advrtisements. Website design and maintence, grahpic design, photography, copywriting, and more! We offer a huge variety of services avaible to all our clients for a single payment a month!

Easy as 1 2 3!

Our slogan is " Marketing made simple ", but just how simple is it? Well here is how it works

  • We preform an audit of your current stratedgy (its ok if you dont have one!), platforms and brand.
  • We create a comprehensive and easy to understand stratedgy for your approval.
  • We get hard at work making what we have put on paper a reality.

Marketing for the Modern World.

In a modern business world any marketing stratedgy must revolve around social media. Facebook reports that it alone has over 2 billion active users. That is not including Instagram. But managing social media platforms is time consuming. Schedules, trends, statistics are all basic issues and tasks that need to be analyzed and preformed. Thats where we come in. As a marketing company for the modern world we realize that marketing needs to be dynamic and go beyond the print advertisements. By providing a range of media that can be used for all platforms of social media and marketing orverall, we make it simple for you.